MOPA Curation Activity


Math teachers participate in a professional development day with the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) to explore the intersections of math and photography.

Author: Chantal Lane, Museum of Photographic Arts


More than 20 teachers joined MOPA staff to explore art and photography as a tool to deepen understanding of math concepts.  One activity challenged teachers to create, or curate, a photography exhibition around a math-related concept.  The teachers worked in small groups and were given a selection of images from MOPA’s permanent collection.  They selected groupings of images that visually represented their chosen concept and added titles and text to their “museum walls.”  The teams then presented their exhibitions back to the group, explaining the choices they made.

While photographic images and art in general and not usually associated with math, we found that the participants were able to find connections.  They were challenged to think about these math concepts in different ways, much like we do when we interpret art.

PDF: InforMath – MOPA Curation Activity


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