Title: Figurative mosaics from flexible truchet tiles

Authors: Robert Bosch, Urchin Colley

Year: 2013

Journal: Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

Volume: 7

Issue: 3-4

Pages: 122-135

Audience(s): Researchers, Educators, Mathematicians, Artists

Content: Mathematics, Art, Mosaics

Description: This paper discusses how Truchet tiles can be modified for use in halftoning to create figurative mosaics from greyscale images. In the 18th century, Father Truchet published his mathematical and artistic investigations, ‘Memoire sur les combinaisons,” on the use of square tiles to create aesthetically pleasing designs. A Truchet tile is a square that is divided in half down a diagonal and then one side is colored black. There are four distinct Truchet tiles (alternating halves between black and white, using both diagonals) that can be arranged to create infinitely many different patterns. The authors create flexible Truchet tiles whose relative brightness/darkness can be adjusted by flexing at the midpoint of the diagonal that separates black from white.  Figurative mosaics are then created by assigning brightness values to each of the pixels in the matrix of the desired greyscale target image. The authors extend this idea to create flexible hexagonal tiles, and also change the white/black distribution to create star tiles.

Date Created: 7/29/15

Document DOI or URL: doi:10.1080/17513472.2013.838830


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