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    As the second year of InforMath comes to a close, we would like you share the most valuable resource you have received from the design labs. This could be an activity we did in the design lab or an article shared on Basecamp. Please share using a link below.

    Looking forward to your submissions!


    Below are a handful of links that may not have been shared. – an archive of papers submitted as part of an art & math conference in Seoul, South Korea. – interactive, virtual math museum designed like an art museum. Check out the Mandelbrot Fractal Generator in Gallery 8 on the 2nd floor. – Exploratorium activities shared online sorted for mathematics – another interactive math site exploring math concepts – check out the geometric orbs lab

     Johanna Benson 

    In this TED Talk origami master Robert Lang talk about merging mathematics and aesthetics to create beautiful and intricate works of art. Some of the works featured in this video have been on display at Mingei!


    That’s great Johanna – so impressive! I loved that by applying mathematics and 4 basic principles, the number and type of figures increased significantly AND additional applications of origami were made – medical, astronomy, etc.

     Bohdan Rhodehamel 

    Here are the posters we all created in the last lab. Lets continue to revisit these ideas over the next year.

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