Mingei Quilts


This project includes the outline for two math-focused museum tours designed  by elementary school teachers from the San Diego Unified School District.  The tours were created as part of a five part workshop on making California Common Core math connections in an art museum space.  Each tour was tested with the authors students onsite at the Mingei International Museum and was part of a larger lesson implemented in the classroom.

The Project – Math/Art Museum Tours

The following museum tour outlines were designed by elementary school teachers who participated in a five part professional development workshop on furthering California Common Core Mathematics standards through the use of art museum visits and experiences.

The workshop focused on understanding the new math standards and sharing current implementation strategies, followed by experimenting with mathematics learning in the museum space.  Each teacher created and prototyped a museum tour to implement with their students at Mingei International Museum, supporting a math lesson/project that would take place back in their classroom.  The tour was lead by a museum docent based on the outline created by the teacher.

Mingei Quilts

Studying Shape, Design, Geometry, and Patterns, through Quilts

The tours were designed using work that was currently on view at the Museum as part of the exhibition, Cheap Non Prescription Xanax SELF-TAUGHT GENIUS – Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum, an exhibition that included works on loan from the American Folk Art Museum in New York.

The first tour was created for a 3rd/4th/5th combination class at The Museum School, created by the teacher Emily Watson.  The students were studying geometry, so the tour focuses on looking at architectural models within the exhibition using Common Core geometry vocabulary.  Some of the term they explored in the Museum space included: quadrilateral, area, parallel/perpendicular lines, symmetry and vertex.

The second tour was created for two 3rd grade classes at Valencia Park Elementary, Elise Samaniego and Jennifer Teruya.  This tour was connected to a larger lesson on area and perimeter using the quilts in the exhibition as primary resource material.  Back in the classroom students looked at more pictures of quilts, used them as a subject to measure area and perimeter and made their own quilt squares that would be joined together to create a classroom quilt.

Tour Outlines

First Tour: Math Art Combo Tour Outline, Museum School

Second Tour: Math Art Combo Tour Outline, Valencia Park


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