Title: Using iterative design and evaluation to develop playful learning experiences.

Authors: Toni Dancu, Joshua P. Gutwill, Nina Hido

Year: 2011

Journal: Children, Youth and Environments

Volume: 21

Issue: 2

Pages: 338-359

Audience(s): Researchers, Educators, Evaluators, Designers

Content: Mathematics, Geometry

Settings: Museums

Description:  This article describes the iterative design-process involved with the development of the Exploratorium’s traveling geometry exhibition, Geometry Playground. Several examples of productive dialogue between prototyping and evaluation are provided to show how iteration and evaluation improved the playfulness of visitor experiences with Geometry Playground exhibits.

Date Created: 5/21/15

Document DOI or URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/10.7721/chilyoutenvi.21.2.0338.pdf



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